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Allied Airforce

-The Nighthawk was rarely used for surprise attacks even with it's stealth ability. It just never really got there on time anywhere, it seems when it would try to transport Infantry, it would never get past the defences. The improved Nighthawk Self-Heals like ALL other aircraft because it cannot be repaired on service depots. Their climb speed has been increased so they move around much faster and their gun get's a tiny firepower increase. The Nighthawk's also get a large armor boost.

-The Harrier throughout YR was never used. In my online experience Harrier was one of the most useless Allied Units. It would always get shot down and never make it back to target and it was just too expensive for it's usefullness. The Harrier will now only target tanks as it is relatively useless vs Infantry and Structures. It does alot more damage vs vehicles than before and it's cost has been decreased down to $1000, it's armor has also been slighlty increased for a better survival rate and also it's missile firing range has been increased dramatically due to upgraded Mavericks. In the end Harrier is just a cheap early game Tank Killer.

-The Allies are needed some sort of late game plane to replace the Harrier. They needed a new faster plane that was good all around and could deliver alot of damage. The F-35 Hawk known as Joint Strike Fighter which was closely developed by the Allies, it was intended to be a fast strike fighter with VTOL capabilites(Vertical Take off and Landing). The F-35 Hawk is a fast aircraft, alot faster than the Harrier, it does the same amount of damage vs tanks as the Harrier but it is good vs all types of structures. The F-35 Hawk is armed with a powerful machine gun that will annihilate Infantry easily especially with splash damage. The F-35 Hawk is a good all around strike aircraft that costs $2000 per piece and requires Allied Radar and Allied Battlelab to be built.

-This is the Carrier Variant of the F-35 Hawk. Called F-35 Sea Hawk it is 20% smaller than the F-35 Hawk. It is smaller so it can be suitable to operate from Aircraft Carriers, it can also carry about the same ordinance as the Hornet even though it is smaller and a little bit slower but it is still way faster than an ordinary Hornet. When destroyed they take longer to reload.

-The Osprey gets an armor boost so it can survive better vs AA fire. Information about the Destroyer can be seen here.
Graphical Enhancements: The Osprey gets spinning rotors on it's two Engines, this is something done in SS that WW left out even though a real life Osprey is a tilt rotor with Rotors on the engines.

-The B-2 Spirit is called by Allied captured Boris. This Stealth Bomber will quickly penetrate any airspace undetected and deliver ordinance.

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