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Allied Country Specials


-The American Marine Commandos are a highly trained soldiers. Possibly best in the world they can only be built by building a American Paradrop HQ to get these. Marine Commandos are soldiers that are a little stronger than deployed GIs and can garrison structures. You can get these lethal soldiers by geting a American Paradrop HQ which can be built only by America for a cost of $600 after Radar has been built. You can get these soldiers paradroped every five minutes and 3 of them will arrive in 2 different planes and you can send them to swim into water for better surprise attacks and they open up new naval tactics.

-The American Apache is a large Helicopter Gunship. This large helicopter is armed with powerful missiles and machine gun. The missiles will rip through tanks and structures easily while the machine gun will kill infantry. These choppers can be built at a high cost of $2000 and require Battlelab and War Factory to be built.

Great Britain
-The British Sniper's elite range has been fixed so it is the same as of a elite Virus. The British Sniper has been furtherly trained to take on Air Infantry like
Rocketeers. A rookie sniper going against a rookie rocketeer will loose for balance issues.

-The British experimented with Chrono technology and developed a Chrono Sonic Tank. This tank will quickly teleport anywhere around the battlefield and when ordered to attack will release it's powerful Sonic Wave that will annihilate anything in it's path. You can build each one of these for a cost of $2000 after you have constructed Battlelab and War Factory. You can safely build them in very large numbers and attack in masses as they are immnune to each other meaning the Sonic Wave wont damage them.


-The German Tank Destroyer's biggest weakness in YR was it's weakness vs Terror Drones and fire on the move. The improved Tank Destroyers get a new spinning turret and their gun has been adjusted to fire the new state of the art armor piercing shells. These shells are still very weak vs Infantry but they rip through tanks very fast and also Terror Drones.
Enhancements: Tank Destroyer's have new shells that when explode flash everything around.

-V1 and V2 technology from World War II proved to be quite effective. The Germans redesigned them and developed a larger and heavier type launcher. The new V4 Ballistic Missile Launcher launches two Ballistic Missiles vertically that will fly high and drop down. They are rather fast, armored and a lot harder to shoot down now than the ordinary V3 Missiles.

-The Grand Cannon was never used properly in YR. It was always abused by newbies for massive turtling and especaially cannon walking which was a major unbalance. The Grand Cannons's weapon has been adjusted so they fire larger shells, however these shells are not so great vs structures and they make the Grand Cannon take more power to launch. The Grand Cannon now costs $2500. Elite Grand Cannons fire Nuke Shells with higher damage and splash damage.
Enhancements: Grand Cannons now launch bigger looking 200mm shells.

-The French needed some sort of land carrier to carry their sophisticated planes. The Rafale Lift is a large mounted truck mounted with French Rafale Fighters. These fighters capable of vertical take off and landing and armed with missiles will quickly take off at large range and deliver damage and head back to the truck to reload. They are very slow and you can build them at a cost of $2000 a piece.

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