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Allied Infantry

-Allied Attack dogs seemed fine and balanced, they are now promotable like the Soviet Attack Dogs are and when they gain elite status they gain better speed, sight and armor.

-The Allied Engineer can now swim over water and capture any Shipyards on water or Tech Oil Pumps, they also get's a few new unused voices that Westwood left out.

-Guardian GIs were probably one of the best Infantry units to put into IFVs or Battle Fortressess and thats about all.. They have good firepower and range but however they were kind of useless alone, you could not depend on them to protect anything like you could on Tesla Vanguards and Brutes. The Guardian GIs get a few new improvements. Their armour has been increased so they could be matched with Tesla Vanguards' and Brutes' armour. They also now move faster around the battlefield, now just as fast as normal undeployed GIs. Now you can depend more on these soldiers to protect your ore fields.

-Rocketeers seemed to have numerous bugs. Sometimes when they tend to die and fall, they would fall on something and still not die and other units would keep shooting at them and get elite, this has been fixed. Rocketeers get a slight climb and descend speed increased so they are a more viable force that can move around quickly.

-Navy SEALs are just far too similar to Tanya, the only difference between them was that they couldn't C4 Tanks and that's about it. SEALs needed some
changing so they were different from Tanya. Navy SEALs are now worse vs Infantry so a quick SEAL+IFV wont be so great vs Infantry, they also get a cost decrease to $800.

-Chrono Legionnaires were a large disappointment in RA2 and in YR. They seemed to be never used in battles but just to take crates. They were only used by
newbies on Tour of Egypt to quickly take all those massive crates. Their cost has been decreased down to $1200 and their ROF has been cut down by a half and their range get's a slight increase so they "freeze" units much more quickly. However there was another flaw with them, they seemed to loose their ability to shoot over walls when elite, this has also been fixed. They are certainly worth building and even puting into IFVs.

-Tanya was easily replaced by the Navy SEALs. Her C4 ability is what made her suck, sure she killed Infantry very quickly and destroyed bases when got a
chance but her C4 ability to destroy tanks was just poor. Her slow speed, small range and weak armor made it impossible vs many different tanks especially the ones with fire on the move. Well the improved Tanya gets a large armor boost up to 250(200) like all other heros and she also gets a large speed increase so she can catch up to tanks and destroy them. But what's even better is that her C4 range for tanks has also been increased too so it's much easier for her to destroy tanks. She is now certainly worth to build. Tanya can also now detect and destroy submerged units.
Enhancements: Tanya no longer crawls so she can not be slowed down and there is no more of the annoying crawling.

-The Spies can now infiltrate superweapons and reset their recharge times.

There have been no changes made to: GI

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