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Allied Navy

-The Amphibious Transport gets a speed increase and can now carry 15 passengers instead of 12.

Information about the Osprey can be seen here.
Graphical Enhancements: There are drawn rotors on the landed Osprey on the Destroyer.

-Dolphins were the most unbalanced naval units due to their sonic wave damage path. Due to disappointing results and alot of testing I had found out that changing the Dolphin was not possible much in terms of it's weapon. The Sonic Weapons are merely harcoded when it comes to damage. They must do damage in a straight path and their normal damage that hits the initial unit does not mean anything. The only possible choice for the Dolphins was raise the cost to $700 and make it mind control immune like the Squid as well as make it weaker vs structures like Shipyards and Oil Pumps.
Enhancements: The Dolphin now has a special dying animation.

-Due to making some important changes to the Dreadnought I was forced to make the Aircraft Carrier better too. Now the Aircraft Carrier self-heals because it cannot be promoted. The Allied Navy has retired it's aging Hornets and has replaced them with the F-35 Sea Hawk. Information can be seen here. Also now when they are destroyed they take longer to reload.

-Made use of Aegis Cruiser's all three missile launchers, the two side launchers will be used vs Aircraft while the middle launcher will be used against aerial Infantry(Rocketeers).

Click HERE to be briefed about Allied Structures


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