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Allied Structures

-The Allied PowerPlant is a must have structure in YR but their power source was just not enough sometimes. Although I came to a conclusion not to touch their power at all I made them build faster, just as fast as Tesla Reactors so Allies and Soviets now can roll out their War Factories at about the same time. Fair enough. However due to some new changes when this Power Plant is built it has a larger sight so you can see where to place your Refineries better.

-The Allied Radar although unbalanced compared to Psychic Radar and Soviet Radar because it has no counter early game to Spy Plane or Psychic Reveal is kept this way because Allies have the extra Spy Sattelite late game which reveals everything. However the cost of the Allied Radar is increased to $1500.

-Although the only way of repairing Naval Units was on shipyards proved to be slow in Battle for bigger number of units. Now Shipyards repair faster for less money and can be stretched off from and to like all the other structures and when they are attacked you will be aware of it from now on.

-To improve their effectiveness Service Depots now repair twice as faster for less money.

-With all these new units and specials that overloaded the Battlelabs it caused them to be built slower and at a higher price tag of $2500.

-The Allies had the worst power sources, they needed something new to late game after Battlelab to satisfy their power needs to power up their war machine. Seeing how Soviets and Yuri both had great power sources and developed new power plants and new technology Allies saw they were behind and decided to develop a Chrono Reactor. This structure gives u sufficient amount of power and there is no danger of it of exploding and causing damage. It is medium armored and can be built for $1100 after Battlelab and Construction Yard have been constructed.

-The Ore Purifiers were great structures but not as great as Cloning Vats and Industrial Plants. Their biggest problem was how long it took them to pay off
their debt from being built. Industrial Plants, as soon as being built would start to save you money and would build off faster. As for Ore Purifier it took you a
long time to pay off for it, meaning at 25% it would take you 2500/150(extra money Chrono Miners get you)=about 16 Chrono Miner unload offs to just pay of the OP. While with IP for example when you built Rhinos and you save 225 for each rhino and they're at a cost of 675. To pay off your Industrial Plant you
needed to built 2500/225=about 11 rhinos. Not to mention that building 1 rhino is much faster than one Chrono Miner collects ore and unloads off. Ore Purifier had another great advantage it wasn't just benefited for building vehicles. Now the Ore Purifier gives u extra 30% instead of the original 25%.

-Seeing how you need Barracks to build these messily walls. These walls now only require Construction Yard (deployed) to be built and only cost $50. At least
they're worth building to protect your base.

-The Allies lacked in base defenses. They had nothing that would stand up to the superiority of the Battle Bunkers and Tank Bunkers. Their new Cannon Guns ar e bigger and better Pillboxes that fire tank shots. These can be built after Construction Yard has been deployed and Barracks built at a cost of $600. They are weak vs. Infantry and are promotable.

-The Pillbox get's a small cost decrease to $400 just like the Sentry Gun and is promotable meaning when it gains elite status it gets better range and firepower.

-Seeing Patriot's performance vs other air units disappointed me how the Allied Engineers designed it. Not only Patriots couldn't hit many runing away air units which Flak Cannons and Gattlings could but Patriot's missile speed was poor. The Patriots have been largely improved, they now have been equiped with different sort of missiles which are considerably stronger than the old ones and travel alot faster. Patriots now cost $800. What is even better is now that Patriots could gain promotion and will gain more range and bigger firepower when they do.
Enhancements: Patriot's Missiles now look bigger and more realistic and new cool looking elite launch animations.

-Prism Tower's defence superiority on the battlefield proved to be quite effective but now you can afford even more of them with their price decrease down to $1200 from $1500 and their armor has been increased to 900(600). Prism Towers are also promotable and when they gain elite/veteran status they will gain even more range and firepower.

-The Allies looking off of Yuri and Soviets in developing water defences, Einstein constructed Allies the Naval Prism Tower which is just basically a Prism Tower
on the water with sensor capabilities to sense and attack submerged units.

-Like other Superweapons both the Chronosphere and Weather Control Device are not revealed when built.

There have been no changes made to: Allied Construction Yard, Allied Ore Refinery, Allied Barracks, Allied War Factory, Robot Control Center, Allied Battlelab, Gap Generator and SpySat Uplink.

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