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Allied Vehicles

-Playing YR for so long I have always been disappointed in Westwood how they managed to rip off the Grizzly Medium Tank of it's buildtime compared to the Rhino Heavy Tank, it certainly wasn't fair for Allies. The Grizzly Medium Tank build very slow for it's price compared to the Rhino Heavy Tank for it's price. The Allies refined their Grizzly quite a lot, this made it more expensive and more capable, as it costs $800 now. It is however stronger than the Lasher Light Tank but weaker than Rhino Heavy Tank. In terms of it's firepower it is a bit stronger against defensive structures.

-Chrono Miner has had no major changes to it except a few enhancements
Enhancements: Now plays engine sounds when moving.

-Designed by Allies to be a light attack vehicle to respond quickly the new Allied Humvee is the one of the fastest units in the game, it can quickly move across great distance at a quick time and is light armored. The Humvee is mounted with a small machine gun that can penetrate through Infantry and Structures, once this unit is elite it fires TOW Missiles which are good vs armour and other targets, they can also target Air Units. This unit can be built for $350 and is deadly with it's fire on the move. It only requires Allied War Factory to be built.

-The normal Rocket IFV is armed with new stronger and faster missiles. These Missiles are about 15% stronger than the other old ones.

-All Infantry in IFVs use their own names in IFV (all except Infantry that make the Repair IFV when they enter inside IE: Engineers, Medics, Mechanics and Technicians) meaning for example if there is a Conscript in a IFV it will be called a Conscript IFV.

Enhancements: Rocket IFVs get new missiles which leave a black trail and a new cool looking elite firing animation.

-The Repair IFV Mode which is used by all Engineers, Mechanics, Medics and Technicians has a better rate of fire when elite and if close enough to Grappled Units it can remove Squids off of them.
-The Machine Gun IFV Mode which is used by all Spies, GIs, Conscripts, Machine Gunners, Marine Commandos and most of the Civilian Infantry out there get a better elite Firepower, Rate of fire and range.

-Chrono Legionnaire in IFVs get a faster erase time, rate of fire and range and same goes for elite abilities.
Enhancements: Legionnaire IFVs get a new Large Beam Turret.

-The Missile Launcher IFV that Guardian GIs and Armorguards use now has better Rate of Fire, range and burst when elite.
Enhancements: Missile Launcher IFVs get a new large Missile Turret.
-Snipers in IFVs now do not use their own original weapon they used to, they have a better range, firepower and ROF when entering IFVs.
Enhancements: Snipers in IFVs get new long thin cannoned Sniper Turret.
The Seal Gun IFV which is used by Navy Seals, Chrono Commandoes, Boris and Tanya when Elite have a better firepower range and ROF.
Enhancements: Seal IFVs get new larger looking Machine Gun Turrets.
The Flak IFVs which are only used by Flak Troopers get better range, rate of fire and firepower and same goes out for elite Flak IFVs.
Enhancements: Flak IFVs get new Flak Turrets
-Telsa Troopers in IFVs get better range, firepower and ROF same goes out for Elite Tesla IFVs
Enhancements: Tesla IFVs get new Tesla Turrets
-Rad Beam IFVs which are only used by Desolators and Laser Vanguards get better ROF, Range and firepower same goes when Elite
Enhancements: They too get a new cool looking Rad Beam Turret
-Initiate IFVs when Elite only get better firepower, range and rate of fire
-Elite Virus IFVs have the same range as Elite Sniper IFVs, pretty much the same firepower and rate of fire.
Enhancements: Virus IFVs get new better looking Virus IFVs.
-Because the old Cow IFV weapon was useless it now has been replaced with a Toxin Weapon which is used by the Toxin Trooper. The Toxin Trooper IFV now uses a large cannon type weapon.
-By moving around a few weapons I was able to make space for the Grenadiers in IFVs to have their own IFV modes, the Grenadier Weapons too use the same turret as the Toxin Troopers.
-Crazy Ivans, Chrono Ivans and Terrorists now use the same IFV Mode and they have twice as stronger firepower because they are suicide units and cost alot yet they didn't do alot of damage.
Enhancements: Nuke IFVs get new Dome Turret.
-Psi Corps Troopers in IFVs use the Mind Blast Weapon instead of the old Mind Control Weapon
Enhancements: Mind Blast IFVs get new ringy type turrets.
-Flamethrower Troopers now have their own IFV slot, from this it fires powerful flamethrowers.
Enhancements: Flamethrower IFVs get new cool looking cannon turrets.

-Robot Tanks were completely designed to penetrate through Yuri's mind control units. However they also proved very effective on water but kind of useless vs armor piercing units like Brutes and Lashers. Their armor has now been bumped up a bit so they stand a better chance. I was forced to double down Robot Tank's firepower only vs Naval Units because if you had Robot Tanks it was an advantage because they were very lethal over water and you could build them at the same time as you built other Naval Units.

-Mirage Tanks are now even sneakier and better stealthed on the battlefield. They will now auto-disguise in eight different trees instead of original four. Mirage Tanks are now untargetable with the cursor like they were in old Red Alert 2. Elite Mirage Tanks are fully Radar Invisible.
Enhancement: They can be commanded to disguise into any terrain object such as any tree, rock or light post. Their Mirage Gun has been enhanced with a new firing animation.

-This fine unit required no changes except a fix to it's elite range. Prism Tank now gets a better elite range when promoted rather than it being the same as rookie.

-Battle Fortresses in my mind are probably the most unbalanced units in the game and probably the hardest to balance. Their open toped ability is very unbalanced because it varies on different Infantries. Battle Fortresses are also fast and turn around fast allowing them to do hit and runs easily and when you put Guardian GIs in them it is devastating. The Battle Fortress now accelerates meaning when it turns around/stops and it accelerates so it is harder to do hit and runs with them. They are still great units.

-MCVs now cost $2000 to prevent Early game MCV sell rushes.

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