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-Website Designed by Dark Dragon(extensively), Crazy Ivan(old banner) and Tratos(layout)
-Black Background of Banner by KillerKidd
-Tanya cameo by Renegade
-Laser Drone, Transport Disk, Gattling Frigate by Spiderman_2099
-Mi-35 Hind, Repair Tank(body only not the turret) by Me2
-Humvee, F-35 Hawk and Chrono Prison by Godwin
-All IFV Turrets and gas animations by Blade
-Cannon Gun and American Paradrop HQ by The I Man
-Naval Prism Tower, edited China map for loading screen and Laser Cannon by Mooman
-Apache, Stealth Strafer and Sky Hunter by Weeraby2k
-Chrono Tank Cameo only and Laser Vanguard by Laotze
-Turreted Tank Destroyer, Sea Sled, Transport Disk and Gattling Frigate by Cannis
-V4 by Sleipnir64
-Aquatic Tesla Defence by Xgamer
-Stealth Generator. Tech Command & Communication and Machine Gunner, by Argcmdr
-Rafale Lift(the lift only), Psychatron voxel & cameo, Gravitron Cameo & main body(not the turret), Rafale Lift(not the plane), Flamethrower cameo, Smylodon Atomic Tank, Acid Buggy(body only), by Napalm
-Rafale Plane(on Rafale Lift), Tesla Bomber, Rotors on Paradrop Plane, Work on Soviet Pad, Kirov Rotors, and Osprey+Destroyer, Spinning Transport Disk HVA and recolored Stealth Strafer by Mig Eater
-Mutation Brute recolored from Westwood's Brute by MedalMonkey
-Toxin Tank by Daz
-Fury Tank by Firestorm
-Wasp by Tresbourre
-Medic by Turn-A-Gamer
-Armorguard by Rommel
-Chrono Reactor by Ra2Killer
-Mig-40 Foxhawk Cameo by SgtMay
-Apocalypse Turret, Yak-141 Freestyle, Mig-40 Foxhawk(resized from original Westwood's Mig), Tu-160 Blackjack, Humvee(recolored from Godwin's Humvee), Acid Buggy, Mechanic and Battle Truck and Swimming Boris by Big Jah
-Assault Maps by Cannis, Mir4dor, CaptnMel, EJAH
-Tratos for his creative Psychic Corps Flag.
-Terrain Expansion by Blade, DJBREIT and Mooman and additional thanks go to Concolor1, CannisRabidus, Sypher_5, tmapm & Dark Desolator(paved circles).
-Sound Pack 1 by Apollo
-Various animations and Grenadier by Gamemate
-Fixed bugs on Heartland, Snow Valley and Dry Heat by MaperRiz
-All Trains by DJBREIT
-Editing Tutorials and Dolphin dying animation by Deezire
-Andre's and AJBxxx's work on AI.
-Dark_Scorpion for his great Terrain Expansion map, Matrices. This map can also be downloaded here seperatly(it is already in the mod).

-Matze for his Final Alert 2
-Especially everyone at the CnC Guild, for being so kind, helping and supportive and especially to Deso for giving me the forums and the hosting.
-Everyone at the old Westwood Forums, C-GEN, Black Assassins, Deezire forums, Sleipnir's Stuff.
-All my Beta testers(there were many and I forgot the complete list so no point in listing)
-All those people that helped me regarding modding on MSN largely to mention Apollo, ArgCmdr and BobingAbout
-All the unknown authors from the Chinese community for their graphics
-Olaf Van der Spek for his XCC Utilities
-Various community sites for all their resources such as YR Argentina, Pixelops, Editing Source 1, 2 & 3, RACOM, Ra2 Savage War
-All the people that mirrored Sudden Strike downloads, the_kid(CnC Central), chickendippers(CnC World) as well as Argcmdr(YR Argentina) for the future possible mirroring.


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