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Game Modes & Maps


-The Naval War Gamemode has totally been changed for the purposes for it being Naval Units only. You cannot build any sort of Vehicles except Miners, you cannot build any sort of Infantry except Heros, Engineers and Dogs(Soviet Dog has currently been borrowed to Yuri). You can build any sort of structures except Cannon Guns, Tank Bunkers and Battle Bunkers. Also all capital ships(Boomers, Dreds and Aircraft Carriers) have a 10 cells longer range than in normal game so they can reach whatever there is on land in any case.(Grand Cannons cannot be built either). AI in this Gamemode will build multiple Naval Yards.

-In Meat Grinder you can build anything up to Radar Level including All new Country Specials, Naval Shipyards and Naval Units(note: Repair Boats are not allowed to be built in meat grinder even though they are radar units because they are not required) MCVs are also not allowed to be built in Meat Grinder. All the new and high tech units are not buildable in Meat Grinder including Robot Control Centres.
(Note: Meat Grinder no longer uses special Meat Grind maps, rather than normal maps)

-In Mega Wealth Industrial Plants and Cloning vats are not available to build because they are kind of a Soviet and Yuri Counter to Ore Purifiers which are not available to be built in Mega Wealth, so to be fair to Allies these are not allowed to be built. Also Changed the prerequisites of all the "factories" in Mega Wealth too because there are no Ore Refineries and now you are only required to build any sort of POWER and that side's Construction Yard.

-The Allied Unification is a new gamemode in Sudden Strike. In this gamemode you can build anything that is special to your Allies.

-The Superweapons Mayhem is a new gamemode which allows all sides to build all superweapons. In this gamemode Force Shields will also recharge 2 minutes faster than they do normally.

-In Crates War many crates will appear all over the map.

-Added the Survivor gamemode. In this gamemode you start with no bases only units (no MCVs either). Crates do appear in this gamemode and this also comes in Team Survivor and Survivor FFA. Players will start out with:

:Every player will start out with a Nuke Artillery with Air-to-Air missiles on it and is mind control immune. If you loose this unit you loose the game.

:Allies start out with GIs, Battle Fortresses, Mirage Tanks, Guardian GIs, and Chrono Legionnaires.
-France starts out with Rafale Lifts and Prism Tanks(since you cant have Grand Cannons).(Elite GIs)
-Americans start out with Apaches and instead of having all GIs they have Marine Commandoes instead.(Elite Grizzly Medium Tanks)
-British also start out with Chrono Tanks and Snipers.(Elite Mirage Tanks)
-Germans start out with Tank Destroyers and V4s.(Elite Guardian GIs)

:Soviets start out with Apocalypses, Laser Drones, Conscripts, Tesla Troopers and Grenadiers.
-China starts out with Dragon Artilleries and Desolators.(Elite Laser Drones)
-Serbia starts out with Tesla Tanks and Siege Choppers(instead of Tesla Bombers).(Elite Tesla Troopers)
-Iran starts out with Terrorists and Fury Tanks.(Elite Grenadiers)
-Russians start out with Mi-35 Hinds and Demolition Trucks.(Elite Rhino Heavy Tanks.)

:Yuri starts out with Masterminds, Toxin Tanks, Initiates, Brutes and Toxin Troopers.
-Bio Corps starts out with Wasps and Acid Buggies.(Elite Toxin Tanks)
-Psychic Corps starts out with Gravitrons and Psychatrons.(Elite Brutes)

-Sudden Strike adds support for the popular Assault Gamemode. In this gamemode you start off with a flag. This flag, when destroyed will be the end of your game, meaning you must defend it at any cost. Same with the enemy, you destroy his flag he looses the whole game. You can download Assault Mappacks here and place them in your Red Alert 2 Directory. Also comes in Assault FFA and Team Assault versions.

-Made an Meat Grinder version of Assault. Basically this is Assault gamemode that requires special Assault Maps with Meat Grinder settings. It also comes in Meat Grinder Team Assault.


-Made a distinction between different Speedtypes of numerous vehicles which will effectively change their speeds on different terrains. For example IFVs and Gattling Tanks are tracked therefore they will have different speed characteristics than other vehicles.

-Sudden Strike does not include Terrain Expansion in with it nor any Terrain Expansion maps with it. You must download the big Terrain Expansion file HERE (Note: you do not have to download the TX ini's X.X, just the Version X.X of Terrain Expansion [<X.X> being any version number]) and place it in your Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge folder(C:\Westwood\RA2) along with all the other mod files and with the Terrain Expansion Maps. In game Terrain Expansion maps should be identifiable with a <(TX)> infront of the map name in any gamemode.

-Units going uphill are 20% slower and units going downhill are 20% faster.

-Fixed the Bug on Heartland where sometimes when you would capture a Tech Outpost it would internal error, usually happend in online play. Also added new Tech Structures to Heartland. You will recognize it because it has (TE) infront of it.
-Fixed the bug on Dry Heat when Miners on position 3 or 4 would stop mining. Also added new Tech Structures to Dry Heat
-Fixed the bug on Snow Valley where sometimes tanks would freeze in the middle. Also added new Tech Structures to Snow Valley.

-Made many changes to maps (Standard Gamemodes are FFA, Battle, Superweapons Mayhem, Allied Unification, Crates War, Meat Grinder)(Note: Meat Grinder is no longer a seperate gamemode that uses different maps but rather all normal standard maps because really there was no difference between the Meatgrind Maps and Standard Maps). Team Alliance and Naval War as well as Mega Wealth are seperate map types.

  Enabled Disabled
Standard -Alaskan Oil Spill(2)
-Siberian Wastes(2-6)
-La Reservoir(2-4)(new map)
-Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-Glasnot(2-4)(new map)
-(TX)Matrices (2-4) by Dark Scorpion(new map)
Naval War -Let there be Fight(2)
-Isle of War(2)
-Little Big Lake(2)
-Little Piece of Dune(2)
-Twin Peaks(2)
-Canyon Fodder(2-3)
-Yuri's Plot(2-3)
-Face Down(2-4)
-Frost Bite(2-4)
-Isle of Oades(2-4)
-Lake Blitzen(2-4)
-Lost Lake(2-4)
-No Rest for the Wicked(2-4)
-Bay of Pigs(2-6)
-Streets of Gold(2-6)
-Death Trap(2-8)
-A Path Beyond II(2-8)
-Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-South Pacific(2-4)
-Siberian Wastes(2-6)
-May Day(2)
-Hammer & Sickle(2-4)
-Wild Animal Park(2-6)
Team Game -Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-Sudden Strike(2-4)(new map)
-Brink of Disaster(2-4)
-Carville's Convoy(2-4)
-DC Uprising(2-4)
-Face Down(2-4)
-Four Corners(2-4)
-Golden State Freeway(2-4)
-Head over Hills(2-4)
-Invasion Confirmed(2-4)
-Isle of Oades(2-4)
-Montana DMZ(2-4)
-Mount Olympus(2-4)
-No Rest for the Wicked(2-4)
-Paris Revisited(2-4)
-Sharpnel Mountain(2-4)
-South Pacific(2-4)
-Tower of Power(2-4)
-Arena 33 Forever(2-6)
-Bridging the Gap(2-6)
-Malibu Cliffs(2-6)
-Monument Valley(2-6)
-Sedona Pass(2-6)
-Streets of Gold(2-6)
-Wild Animal Park(2-6)
-Near Ore Far(2-8)
-(TE)Dry Heat(2-4)
Assault Assault Map Pack 1 + 2

Team Assault Assault Map Pack 1 + 2  
Survivor Survivor Map Pack 1  
Survivor FFA Survivor Map Pack 1  
Survivor Team Game Survivor Map Pack 1  

To recognize some maps:
(TX)=Terrain Expansion
(TE)=Tech Expansion
(AMSS)=maps from Assault Map Sudden Strike


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