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Other Changes

-Crates are now Booby Trapped with Crazy Ivan Bombs, un-reveal map which reshrouds the whole map and the money setting only gives you $1000 which is twice as less then before so crates wont be a fast hopping of money. Crates contain the old units and all the new ones. Two crates will appear per human instead of just one.
Gattling Tank

Flak Track

-Crates that are not containing:
Prism Tank (since it is long range vehicle because Siege Choppers and Magnetrons are not crate goodies so I decided to make them unavailable in crates too.)

Rhino Heavy Tank
Lasher Light Tank
Grizzly Medium Tank
Siege Choppers

-Crates contain most of the new added units.

-Base Defenses:
Can now get promoted by destroying other units.
Gattling Cannon, Pillbox, Sentry Gun, Cannon Gun, Grand Cannon, Prism Tower, Naval Prism Tower, Laser Cannon, Tesla Coil, Aquatic Tesla Defense, Torpedo Launcher can all get promoted by destroying other units. When they get veteran/elite their firepower and range are increased.

All Base Defenses have Range Indicators on them when clicked on 

-Command bar has a few new commands like Cheer, Team 3, and Stop

-Now you can queue up to 50 units instead of the original 30

-Units now that have SIGHT in their Elite or Veteran abilities do gain better Sight when promoted by 50% to previously being 0.

-The length of one waypoint has been doubled from 15 to 30.

-You cannot use the attack cursor on spies anymore, meaning it will be harder to detect them.(this includes Mirage Tanks too)

-Paradrop Planes now have fourspining rotors on their engines.

-You can now play RA2 Music in Sudden Strike.
(Note: Instructions are in the readme).

-Organized the prerequisites of the units in Sudden Strike. Now this is how the tech tree looks like.
Since War Factory, Barracks, Radars and Shipyards are all some sort of "Factories" because they produce stuff the only things required to construct these structures are: The Side's Construction Yard, ANY sort of Resource Collecting Structures. Once you build these you will be able to construct any of those 4 Factories. In order to construct a Battlelab, nothing has been changed all you require is That side's Radar and that side's Construction Yard. In order to build a Ore Refinery you need to construct any sort of POWER and that side's Construction Yard.

-All Infantry in IFVs use their own names in IFV(all except Infantry that make the Repair IFV when they enter inside IE: Engineers, Medics, Mechanics and Technicians) meaning for example if there is a Conscript in a IFV it will be called a Conscrip IFV.

-All Civilian Vehicles can now be used as transports, although their Size Limit and number of Passengers varies everywhere. Also Cargo Planes and Civilian planes can now fly and transports many units. You can use all of these if you actually somehow Mind Control them.

-The only units that get announced when built are: Heros(Tanya, Boris, Yuri X), Capital Ships(Boomer. Dreadnought, Aircraft Carrier) and Capital Tanks(Battle Fortress, Apocalypse, Mastermind)

-Infantry in open topped units gains only 1 cell of extra range and no firepower increases.

-Allied Walls are now "transparent" to your units meaning you can safely now place walls around your units and all of them will be allowed to shoot over your units while the enemy's units wont be able.

-Enhanced the mod's in game GUI so it features new stuff like loading screen and menus etc.

Click HERE to be briefed about Game Modes


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