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Soviet Airforce

-Even though Flak Tracks were great Infantry Transport Soviets still wanted a air transport. The new Mi-8 Hip Light Transport is a small three seater infantry transport. It is very fast, it climbs and descends very fast. It has no gun and it costs only $650 per piece and requires War Factory to be built like all other transports do.

-I was disappointed to see Spy Planes only being used as fodder vs air units. However now they are unshootable and reveal more. For even better field view two Spy Planes will arrive instead of one.

-The Soviets wanted a counter part to the Allied Harrier and got something even better. The Yak-141 Freestyle is the World's First SVTOL(short vertical take off and landing) aircraft. It was originaly intended as a Naval fighter but it ended up on land. This great strike aircraft does considerably same damage as the Harrier but it is good vs Infantry, it is faster than the Harrier and has self-heal.

-The disappointing Siege Choppers never seemed to get into position quickly enough and would easily be destroyed by the time they even deployed. Now they deploy twice as faster and cost $1200(1000) which is equal of Magnetrons and Prism Tanks. They are the only late game Soviet unit that are good vs all structures. They are a need if you are going on a base rape and what is even better they get a better range boost.

-Kirovs was just another useless Soviet Unit, but I also felt that Kirovs were old fashioned units I mean come on a Blimp Balloon used in warfare. Kirovs have been removed and replaced with the redesigned Boris's MiGs that were no longer used. The Soviets got their PAK-FA project design stolen and were forced to stick with the MiG's ongoing LFI Project. The MiG corporation used their MiG Fighters that originally Boris used and they totally changed them. MiG corporation developed a high tech laser weapon that was intended to be fired from the air. This laser weapon strikes very fast and does not last very long but it does alot of damage. It specifically does alot of splash damage when hits the target and is good vs steel structures(base defenses) while it is also very explosive vs Infantry. This type of weapon was put in the old Mig-31 Foxhound design but alot of changes were made forcing MiG to rename the fighter to Mig-40 Foxhawk. This great plane requries Battlelab and Soviet Radar to be built at a cost of $2000. Two of these should be enough to annihilate any base defense but this specific Laser design formula is not so good vs wood, concrete or armor.

-Boris no longer calls Migs, he calls Tu-160 BlackJacks. These large, heavy and fast bombers are twice as faster than Migs and even more payload, which can now destroy pretty much anything in one shot, including Shipyards.

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