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Soviet Country Specials


-The Demolition Trucks were adopted by Russia. These trucks have been largely improved by the Russians, they now deliver more
damage and their radiation lasts longer. The biggest weakness of the Demolition Truck was when they were built they were announced and it ruined the attack of surprise. Now they are no longer announced and they move faster across terrain. Die for Mother Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Russians always never wanted to be behind Americans. They needed a direct equivelant of the American Apache and ordered their engineers to develop something too. They came up with a indegneous Mi-35 Hind. The Mil Corp. was in charge of this project and developed a large Mi-35 Hind. This multirole helicopter is a gunship and a assault transport at the same time. Armed with A2G and A2A Rockets it is a large threat to the American Apache while it can transport 8 troops at a time.


-Tesla Tanks were given to Serbia so they could have a complete Tesla set. Nikola Tesla decided to improve the Tesla Tank and gave it bigger range, they also get a small cost decrease and their build time multiplayer which made them build slower has been removed.
Enhancements: Tesla Tank gets a new elite animation.

-Nikola Tesla proved to be worthy again. He designed a Tesla Bomber for his home country of Serbia. This fast bomber shots electric bolts from the air that explode into cool tesla explosions and will scatter some splash damage. This plane costs $2000 to be built and requires Radar and Battlelab to be built.


-The Desolators seemed very unbalanced and they could melt tanks instantly. The Desolators are both improved and nerfed in both ways. Now their Rad-Gun does 25% more damage while when they are deployed they do 25% less damage, their cost has been increased to $800.
Enhancements: Desolators get their old rad animation restored.

-The new Chinese Dragon Artillery is a rather medium sized and armored artillery tank. This new Chinese Toy is armed with a long barrel ideal for long range assaults they will shoot out rolling fireballs that explode on target. With a quick rate of fire it will have fire out of it's turret. You can build each one of them for a cost of $2000 after you have constructed Battlelab and War Factory.


-Terrorists were a large disappointment too, before they were never used because they were easily replaced with bomb scripts but even now to what we've done to Terrorists we've totally changed the way Terrorists should be used. Now Terrorists can disguise into enemy infantry like spies and hijack vehicles, they can also damage structures heavily and they are also immune to each other so now you can build 'em in larger numbers and send em to enemy without being blown up by each other. They also get a slight increase in their damage and speed. To guarantee Terrorists will get to their targets I have increased their armor. Now they cost $700.

-During the attack on United States and Great Britain on the occupying Iraq the Iranians secretly extracted Nuclear material and put it into their new Fury Tanks. The Fury Tank is a merely better Apocalypse Tank. The Iranian Engineers put in Apoc's engineers in teh Fury Tank but however the large weight of it made it accelerate. The Fury Tank fires medium ranged tactical Nuke Shells which will devastate anything in a spread. The Fury Tank has no air missiles like the Apocalypse, costs $2000, has 1 cell less range and has cellspread+little more damage than a normal Apocalypse Tank.

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