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Soviet Navy

-The Soviet Amphibious Transport is renamed to Armored Transport, it is slower than the other two, is more armored than the other two and has a mini gun mounted on it.

-Typhoon Submarines delivered a poor performance against other naval units, they would get outran by other units like Boomers and would just get annihilated by Dolphins but now Submarines' rate of turn has been increased and their speed has also been increased however their elite firepower has been increased instead of staying the same.

-Giant Squids proved useless vs the Allies, however by geting rid of Dolphin and making Yuri Dependant on grappable units the Squids were once again at large. However now Squids are slower and have less sight so it's harder for them to grapple ships.

-When looking at the Dreadnought you might think it's performance on the battlefield is very satisfactory but when you compare it to what the Boomer can do it is not. The Boomer could do just as much as a Dreadnought and had torpedos and was a submarine(invulnerable to air attacks) while the Dred had nothing. So to make the Dreadnought better we gave it two advantages, one it is faster now than a Boomer but it has a great Acceleration Factor meaning it takes it a while to reach full speed and it's second advantage is it can now fire smaller missiles. These missiles can be fired at all vehicles and infantry while it's larger Missiles are fired at structures. A Dreadnought is probably just as good as a Boomer now.

There have been no changes made to: Sea Scorpion

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