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Soviet Structures

-Tesla Reactors get a small armor decrease down to 700 from 750 so they are have same armor as the Bio Reactor and so they are weaker in armor than Allied Power Plants(750). However due to some new changes when this Power Plant is built it has a larger sight so you can see where to place your Refineries better.

-In order to give Soviets a proper airforce the Soviets needed a pad, the best choice was to attach a pad to a Soviet Radar Tower. The new pad allows you to land built Freestyles and Foxhawks or another planes. These pads also self-heal them and do everything in the same manner as the Allied Airforce Command and Yuri Radar ones. They now cost $1500.

-The Soviet Shipyard too repairs twice as faster, it still will be kind of useless with the Repair Boats but it's a good change. Now you can stretch off Naval Shipyards like you can off normal structures.

-The Soviet Service Depot now repair twice as faster so players will build these. Also the computer will build these to repair it's own damaged units.

-With all these new units and specials that overloaded the Battlelabs it caused them to be built slower and at a higher price tag of $2500.

-Nuclear Reactors' cost has been increased to $1500 since it was kind of outrageous that they give tremendous amount of power for such a low cost and when they exploded their Nuke Bomb blast was not so lethal because it was always placed at the end of a base and was impossible to destroy due to high armor.

-Upon Constructing Industrial Plants they will also reduce cost of Air units since technically they are vehicles too.

-Seeing how you need Barracks to build these mesely walls. These walls now only require Construction Yard(deployed) to be built and only cost $50. At least they're worth building to protect your base.

-The Sentry Gun get's a small cost decrease to $400 just like the Pillbox and is promotable meaning when it gains elite status it gets better ROF, range and firepower.

-The Soviet Battle Bunker was a good defense structures for it's money but it was certainly uncomparable to the Yuri Tank Bunker. The Soviet Battle Bunker gets same range as the Tank Bunker

-The Flak Cannon can now be promoted, it's firepower vs all targets has been increased(except Infantry) and it can now shoot down paradrops. It gets a 25% cost decrease meaning now it costs $800.

-The Soviet Tesla Coil seemed good but not even close as good as the Prism Tower, it's ability to get recharged was not even as good as Prism Towers' ability to connect themselves. The Tesla Coil gets a range increase to be the same as of a Prism Tower and a cost decrease to $1200. Their armor has been increased to 900(600).

-Soviets too needed a counter too to Yuri's Torpedo Launcher and Allied Naval Prism Tower. The Aquatic Tesla Defence is too a Tesla Coil on water, it too can detect and sink other Naval units. Now you can protect your waters ehhhhh Comrade?

-Soviets designed a counter part to the Gap Generator. The new Stealth Generator cloaks all unit's in it's range meaning it makes them invisible. Having done this I had to make this take alot of power since it's a large structure and taking alot of power for Soviets doesn't matter because the Nuclear Reactor gives alot of power.

-When Iron Curtain Silo is built it is not revealed.

-When Nuclear Missile Silo is built is not revealed.
Enhancements: When a Nuke hits the screen shakes.

There have been no changes made to: Soviet Construction Yard, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory and Battlelab

Click HERE to be briefed about Soviet Country Specials


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