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Soviet Vehicles

-The Rhino Heavy Tank's buildtime is now determined by it's cost, no more of building them faster than they should be built compared to other basic tanks. It's weapon has not been changed much other than it is a bit stronger vs defensive structures.

-To catch up in Allied Scouting Abilities the Soviet Eingineers gave drones better cameras for for a better sight. Terror Drones can no longer jump into Aircraft.

-Flak Tracks seemed to be the weakest ground AA unit in the game, compared to IFVs and Gattlings they were really bad. Flak Tracks are now much stronger vs. Air Units and are weaker vs. Rocketeers so Rocketeers now stand a better chance vs. Soviets and Flak Trakc gets a small increase in it's ground range to be equal to of IFV and Gattling Tank.

-The Elite weapon of the War Miner has been improved, doing a lot more damage and having a similar warhead as the Basic Tanks but with it being very good vs drones.
Enhancement: now play Engine Sounds when moving.

-Apocalypse Tank had to be the worst late game unit in general in the whole game, it's slow speed and slow response time made it useless against Yuri in general and Battle Fortresses and other fast hit and run units. The new Apocs have been highly improved, their gun has been adjusted to fire new type of Depleted Uranium Shells that can rip through tanks just as before and can rip through Infantry very easily, however after long experiments Uranium proved to be very bad vs structures, but still why does it matter you will have some Choppers and Foxhawks for coverup. These are not the only changes, Soviet Engineers totally redesigned the whole tank, they stuck a Missile Bay on the back of Apoc's turret and armed it with new air-to-air missiles which were considerably faster and stronger than the old one, not to mention could travel longer. However this was not enough, the Soviets put a whole new Soyuz engine in Apocs that made the tank reach full speed right away and it would stop right away and this engine considerably was more powerful meaning little faster Apocs.
Enhancement: Apocs get small Missile Launchers drawn on them, they also get new cool looking rookie and elite animations, new looking missiles and cool greeny shells.

-No matter how powerful Apocs were they were still no match for the faster Masterminds. The Soviets needed a new Mind Control immune sort of robot or drone unit. Their prototype Laser Drone is a rather large sort of Robot. This tank fires a fast high powered Laser that will rip through anything. It hovers over the ground, it is about the size of the Robot Tank although not controlled by anything. You can build each one of these for a cost of $1000 after you construct Battlelab and War Factory. It is also immune to radiation and poison. When elite it can fire it's lasers up into the Air to damage Air Targets.

-Soviet MCV gets a cost decrease down to $2000 to prevent those cheap MCV-sell rushes.

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