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Stolen Tech

-When you Infiltrate the Allied Battlelab you will gain access to build the Chrono Commandos. These soldiers have not had any changes to them.
Enhancements: Chrono Commandos get new Arctic Images

-When you Infiltrate the Soviet Battlelab you will gain access to build the Chrono Ivan, their cost has been decreased down to $1400 and their firepower and
bomb changes are the same as of a Crazy Ivan, to repeat it they get better firepower to blow up anything in one shot except the SuperWeapons and Construction Yards and their bombs are self-detonatable. They can now be promoted.

-Psi Commandos have been improved since they are harder to get than the rest and weren't as useful as other two stolen tech units,
now they mind control two units instead of one, are slightly faster and have a little more armor and cannot detect spies anymore. Psi Commandos in IFVs do Mind Blasts instead of using the old Seal Gun and they do not do anything in open topped units.

-When you are Allies and you Infiltrate a Allied Battlelab you can build a prototype Chrono Prison. This Tank never made the final cut for Yuri's Revenge but I have restored it. What this tank does is at long ranges it will absorb unit's into it's Chrono Ball and warp em out meaning it will send them to another dimension. They cost $2500 a piece.

-When you are Soviets and you infiltrate a Soviet Battlelab you will gain the ability to construct powerful Kirovs. These Blimpships have been widely seen in YR but I have removed them in Sudden Strike. First I decided to totally remove them but now decided to make them Stolen Tech Units. Kirovs are imroved by geting better armor, speed and climb. They cost $2500 a piece.
Enhancements: Kirovs now have 5 spinning rotors on their engines, this was done in SS which WW did not do as shown in the movies that Kirovs have rotors.

-When you are Yuri and you infiltrate a Yuri Battlelab you will be allowed to build special pads that allow you to build YF-2000(Yuri Fighter-2000). These powerful fighters are armed with a Toxin Missile and a Psychic Immobilization Bomb. The Toxin Missile contains Toxins and Radiation and is used vs Infantry, although it will not do any damage to structures. The Psychic Immobilization Bomb when hits a target it will immobilize tanks for ever until they are destroyed. I did this because I basically had 3 overleft units without not much use. The pad to build these aircraft costs $600 but each fighter costs $2500.(YF-2000 uses the old Black Eagle Image)

-Once a player infiltrates all three different Battlelabs he will gain access to build the Nuke Artillery. This is the most powerful unit in the game. It is also the most armored unit in the game. This unit unit will fire Nuke Shells at long ranges that will rock all the units and cause nearby earthquakes. It explodes in a Mini Nuclear explosion that also leaves radiation. Very slow rate of fire but very powerful. You can build one of these for a cost of $3000 each.

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