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After Yuri was captured and trapped in his time machine millions of years in the past. The world was in danger of total annihilation more than ever.

Yuri had a secret base in the North Pole which the Allies and Soviets were not aware of.

Yuri Spies successfully infiltrated Allied Battle labs and Yuri Engineers built a new Time Machine. This would be used to go back in time and rescue Yuri from the existing
Time Machine.

Yuri Engineers successfully did so and brought back Yuri. He still had to be kept a secret because Yuri wasn't a great power like he was before.. When Yuri came back from
the past he split his faction into two. The Psychic Corps massed secretly in the North Pole while the Bio Corps experimented in the South Pole.

Meanwhile Soviets and Allies were at a major war all over the world. The war turned in Allied favor for some time. The Allies dismantled many Soviet Countries and cut off
their supplies to each other. They dismantled Libya first by cutting off their supplies from other Soviet Countries and North Africa would soon become under Allied Control.
Next was Cuba who was on the doorstep of America. Americans felt uncomfortable with Soviet Nukes on their doorstep and quickly cut off Cuban supply lines in the Atlantic and pounded Cuba to force it to surrender. Next was Iraq who was a major power in the Middle East was also dismantled by the Allies but soon a new Arab power entered
on Soviet side which was Iran and single handedly annihilated the Allies from the Middle East. Russia was still left unprotected. Great Britain, France and Germany launched
an attack on Moscow. After long fighting the Allies seemed to have a upper hand until Russian brother the Serbs entered the war on the Soviet side and attacked the Allies
from the South. Mother Russia was successfully defended. In the Eastern Asia, China, a new world superpower occupied Korea and Japan and there was no one left to fight in the Soviets in the Asia.

While the world was split up, the Americas, North Africa, and Western Europe were under Allied Control while most of Asia and Eastern Europe was under Soviet Control.

After Yuri built up and he in a Sudden Strike Psychic Corps with their new weapons secretly secured Canada by Mind Controlling their Prime Minister and secretly built a base of Boomers in the great lakes uncovered until massing a huge surprise attack on the United States. While on the other side of the North Pole the Psychic Corps took over a few Siberian Islands because of careless Russian attention which allowed them to attack Russia, until finally both Allies and Soviets realized Yuri was around they counter attacked. The Bio Corps too created new weapons. They effectively tested the new and improved Yuri Navy by attacking effectively Attacking French/British destroyers in the lower Atlantic, Serbian Submarines and Chinese Submarines and American Destroyers in the lower Pacific, there too the Soviets and Allies were too busy fighting each other to even realize Yuri was back. Yuri regained it's home the Cook Islands and then Allies and Soviets counter attacked.

It was a three-way war and everyone was for themselves.


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