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Posted by Sydr0

Version 1.1 Changes Released February 2003

-Slightly changed the Serbian mini Flag for reasons.
-Chrono Reactor power doubled.
-Fixed the Apache so it does not cause internal errors when built(its like this unit has a life of it's own, it always does this)
-Fixed the V4 so it didnt create alot of lag.
-All landing pad planes cannot be droned anymore by Terror Drones.
-Made a new flag for Serbia, China, Iran, Bio and Psy Corps(the ingame flags on poles)(will reveal some later).
-Changed the voices of the Marine Commandos
-Increased terrorists speed by one, however for some reasons Terrorists cannot auto pickup targets(unfourtunately you will have to micro them).
-Increased the buildtime of the Humvee by 15% so when more than one built, the one after the first one might not have a chance to come out of the War Factory because the first one didnt come out already
-Made a distinction between different speedtypes, like normal tracked units and wheeled ones like Humvee and IFV and others, this would change their speeds on different terrains and would not be the same as the ones for the wheeled units
-Greatly increased the firepower of the Elite Humvee's TOW Missiles, they are real tank killers(still not that strong but otherwise good).
-Fixed the Superweapons Mayhem gamemode so Genetic Mutators can be built. Also ForceShield in this gamemode will recharge 2 minutes earlier than in normal modes.
-AI will now build Chrono Reactors as well as the Naval Defences.
-The Psychatron has now been properly balanced, I accidentaly put it to use its Elite weapon as the primary weapon but this has now been fixed.
-Changed Sea Sled's turret, it now gets it's turret positioned correctly(graphically). Fixed Sea Sled's weapon so it fires at structures too, also decreased it's range by 2, fixed it's elite weapon and firing position.
-Renamed the World Dominance gamemode to Allied Unification because there is already a World Dominance gamemode in Ra2(thx Blade, I forgot).
-Reduced the number of crates per human player to 2 instead of it being 5 so players wont spend all game hunting for crates like I used to.
-Increased Apaches and Mi-35 Hind's armor up by a 100 since its very light so it can withstand fire from AA, also decreased their firepower vs miners.
-Fixed the Dreadnought so it too didn't cause lag. Dreadnoughts will no longer be required to turn around to fire, their small missiles are now faster, have alot more range, Dreadnoughts will also fire back at units that fire at them.
-Fixed the Airport so sometimes aircraft on the landing pads would not be covered by the animation.
-Increased the firepower of the Sky Hunter vs armored units and plated infantry, also changed their move sound so they dont sound like jets when they are moving.
-Increased Dragon Artillery's firepower a bit vs heavy armored tanks and lighter tanks as well as plated Infantry.
-Increased Kirov's climb speed and normal speed.
-Fixed so AI does not build he Tech Naval Yard, it was my mistake when I was copying and pasting codes from other shipyards they had AIBuildThis=yes and I didnt notice that and did not change it however.
-Made a new loading screen, a new menu screen and a new skirmish/coop customize screens.
-AI will now protect their Assault Flag with walls.
-Elite Grand Cannons fire Nuked Shells, they will also do more damage in cellspread.
-Changed the aftergame Chrono Legionnaire, Virus and Desolator screens to F-35 Hawk, Gattling Tank and Dreadnought, new and cool. The exiting screen where it asks you if you want to quit or not has been changed to a Chaos Drone.
-The F-35 Sea hawk(Carrier plane) has its speed increased tremendously and it is less likely to miss moving away units.
-Aegis Cruiser now uses it's middle launcher only vs Infantry(Rockies) and and it's two side launchers vs Aircraft. Elite Aegis Cruiser has a an elite firing animation.
-Made some clarification regarding the Dolphin and the Squid. Dolphin's firepower remains unchanged at the most except vs structures it is weaker(also fixed its weapon).
-Increased Wasp's armor by a 100(still 100 lower than Hind's and Apache's)
-Added the Crates War Gamemode, in this gamemode over 10 crates appear/human player. Although in here the booby traps will appear more often in this gamemode.
-Increased Tu-160's and B-2s firepower so 2 of them could destroy a Shipyard in one shot.
-Removed Mastermind's elite ability to fire mind blasts and now Masterminds will not auto pickup targets, they will only attack back, they will not attack alone unless you command them to.
-Properly centered the Voxels of many new units to their center of the cell and properly adjusted firing positions of many other units.
-Removed the Bay of Pigs map, it was really pointless because there were no bugs just some balances made on the map, I could've made millions of balances on millions of YR maps, so no point and I took it out.
-Increased all Basic Tank's firepower vs defensive structures, so it's a bit harder to mega turtle, and decreased their firepower vs normal structures, for some reason it was never changed but in SS they are alot stronger vs these structures, a lot of things are messed up that I cannot fix, like the firing positions of the Dred's missiles and the firing positions of the Mirage Tank, alot of things just happen that I never touched and that I cannot fix, same with the Magnetrons.
-Renamed Lasher Battle Tank back to Lasher Light Tank and resized it so it was a bit smaller than the original Grizzly and Rhino, now its a bit smaller than the Abrams. This also fixes the little graphic glitch from the Lasher Tank where you could see the bluish turret of the Ra2 Light Tank.
-Made a few gamemodes. Combined Meat Grinder and Assault as one gamemode, also there is a Team Assault Meat Grinder version too.
-Fixed the Team Assault Gamemode so it works properly now.
-Added the new Survivor Gamemode, in this mode there are no bases just plain starting units that you must use to attack your enemy, you start out with a Commanding Tank which is the Nuke Artillery and depending on settings, if you set short game the very last unit of that side that gets destroyed that player looses, if Short Game is NOT on then if your Commanding Tank gets destroyed you loose anyway regardless of how many other units you have.(All the info on Gamemodes and Maps Page)
-Increased the Range by 10 of all the capital ships weapons for Naval War Gamemode only against land targets NOT against Naval Targets.(They all have a land targeting range of 35 now)
-Added a new Sound Pack featuring 6 new themes(Techno)
-Transport Disk no longer spins when it is in the air.
-Increased normal Boomer's Missile Range to 25 on par with the Dreadnought and the Aircraft Carrier.
-Made many changes to maps (Standard Gamemodes are FFA, Battle, Superweapons Mayhem, Allied Unification, Crates War, Meat Grinder)(Note: Meat Grinder is no longer a seperate gamemode that uses different maps but rather all normal standard maps because really there was no difference between the Meatgrind Maps and Standard Maps). Team Alliance and Naval War as well as Mega Wealth are seperate map types.
-Aircraft Carriers can no longer detect and destroy submerged units, I figured they were too powerfull with this especially now that Sea Hawks are so fast.
-Decreased F-35s Hawk's, Harrier's, Yak-141's and Mig-40 Foxhawk's air ranges so they dont have the same range as Air Defence Ships and Air Defence Tanks.
-Made Robot Tank's firepower twice as weaker vs Naval Units so they dont slaughter them that easily. It was really pathetic that they owned Destroyers so easily and along with Dolphins slaughtered Subs.
-Replaced the old Sky Hunter image with a newer one.
-Machine Gunner no longer has it's own IFV slot but shares the one with the GI, Conscript and Others.
-All 3 Naval Yards can be captured including the Tech Naval Yard
-Engineers can now swim, this doesnt include Technicians.
-Restored the Old Images of Grizzly and Rhino, really there was no point to T-90 or Abrams.
-Repair Tanks are also amphibious now. It is renamed to Amphibious Repair Vehicle.
-Once again changed the name of the Yuri Hover Transport. From Jet Transport to Turbo Transport
- The V4 logic has totally been changed. It has been renamed to V4 Ballistic Missile Launcher, when the missiles tilt they are launched almost vertically at about 80 degrees, they also take longer to get into that position and the missiles are also alot faster but accelerate much slower.
-Fixed Mirage Tank's firing position.
-Yuri's Psychic Tower no longer is a base normal meaning you cannot build stuff off of it like from other defensive structures.
-Spies no longer get cursor over Terror Drones and Missiles.
-Brutes and Mummies no longer get range bonuses from heights.
-Tech Power Plant's tech flag is always animted even when not powered.
-Sudden Strike will not include the big Tech Expansion file, this has to be downloaded from the Terrain Expansion site and put into the Ra2/YR folder along with TX maps.

  Enabled Disabled
Standard -Alaskan Oil Spill(2)
-Siberian Wastes(2-6)
-La Reservoir(2-4)(new map)
-Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-Glasnot(2-4)(new map)
-(TX)Matrices (2-4) by Dark Scorpion(new map)
Naval War -Let there be Fight(2)
-Isle of War(2)
-Little Big Lake(2)
-Little Piece of Dune(2)
-Twin Peaks(2)
-Canyon Fodder(2-3)
-Yuri's Plot(2-3)
-Face Down(2-4)
-Frost Bite(2-4)
-Isle of Oades(2-4)
-Lake Blitzen(2-4)
-Lost Lake(2-4)
-No Rest for the Wicked(2-4)
-Bay of Pigs(2-6)
-Streets of Gold(2-6)
-Death Trap(2-8)
-A Path Beyond II(2-8)
-Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-South Pacific(2-4)
-Siberian Wastes(2-6)
-May Day(2)
-Hammer & Sickle(2-4)
-Wild Animal Park(2-6)
Team Game -Official Tournament Map(2-8)(new map)
-Sudden Strike(2-4)(new map)
-Brink of Disaster(2-4)
-Carville's Convoy(2-4)
-DC Uprising(2-4)
-Face Down(2-4)
-Four Corners(2-4)
-Golden State Freeway(2-4)
-Head over Hills(2-4)
-Invasion Confirmed(2-4)
-Isle of Oades(2-4)
-Montana DMZ(2-4)
-Mount Olympus(2-4)
-No Rest for the Wicked(2-4)
-Paris Revisited(2-4)
-Sharpnel Mountain(2-4)
-South Pacific(2-4)
-Tower of Power(2-4)
-Arena 33 Forever(2-6)
-Bridging the Gap(2-6)
-Malibu Cliffs(2-6)
-Monument Valley(2-6)
-Sedona Pass(2-6)
-Streets of Gold(2-6)
-Wild Animal Park(2-6)
-Near Ore Far(2-8)
-(TE)Dry Heat(2-4)
-(TE)Irrigation (2-4)
Team Assault -(TE)Irrigation (2-4)  

To recognize some maps:
(TE)=Tech Expansion maps
(TX)=Terrain Expansion maps
(AMSS)=maps from Assault Map Sudden Strike

Posted by Sydr0

Version 1 Changes Released in November 2003

-F-35 now called F-35 Hawk.
-Gave Laser Drone, Mirage Tank and Toxin Tank new Elite Abilities. When Laser Drone is elite it can fire it's Laser up in the Air at Air Targets. When Mirage Tank is elite it is fully Radar Invisible. Toxin Tank when elite will have sonar ability to fire at Submerged units from shore.
-Removed the new Image of the Aircraft Carrier and restored the Old One. This Aircraft Carrier is a full VTOL Carrier(Vertical Take off and Landing) Meaning Aircraft Carriers will now launch F-35s which are downgraded from the original ones built from pads and are smaller in size. They are smaller so they could be launched from Carriers and they also carry smaller and different ordinance. The F-35 Sea Hawk is the Carrier Variant of F-35 Hawk. It is 20% smaller so it can fit better on Aircraft Carriers, it can carry the same ordinance as the previous Hornet + it has to carry ASW ordinance(sonar+torpedos). It fires a single torpedo against ALL NAVAL units while it fires it's other weapon against everything else.
-Fixed the Psychatron's Psychic Jabs.
-Fury Tanks will not harm each other, but this does not apply to enemy Fury Tanks.
-Made some changes to the 3 Amphibious Transports.
The Allied Amphibious Transport is still the same, however it's armour stays the same and it's speed stays the same, however it can transport 15 units while the other two can only transport 12 units.
The Soviet Amphibious Transport is renamed to Armored Transport, it is 30% more armoured than the other two, carries 9 units and has a mini gun. It is also slower than the other two but more armoured than the other two.
The Yuri Amphibious Transport is renamed to Jet Transport, it is mounted with powerful Turbojets instead of Turbofans, this makes it faster than the other two, less armoured than the other two.
-Elite Slave Miners and War Miners now use the weapon of rookie Lashers but with a warhead that does alot more damage to Terror Drones.
-Updated graphics for Kirovs and Osprey+Destroyer.
-Put back the old Stealth Strafer image, the new one was not suitable enough.
-Transport Disk now rotates when it is in the air, and when it lands it stops.
-Added the Superweapons Mayhem gamemode.

Posted by Sydr0

BETA 03 Changes Released on August 2003

-Renamed Lasher Light Tank to Lasher Battle Tank
-Apocs use a new rookie animation, but they use the same one previously when elite.
-Elite Patriots and IFVs have a new cool animation when their missiles are fired.
-The Sonic wave fired by Chrono Sonic Tanks now uses a differnet sound, totally different from the Dolphin Sound.
-Cleaned out alot of the junk in order to shrink the size of the files, it made the game too slow sometimes. Restored many of the old Cameos.
-Mayan Ruins are no longer garrisonable.
-Cut down the Spies, now all sides get the same Spies, nothing different, no more KGB or Cia Agents and crap
-Deleted all the old Snow Frames for Infantry, they looked crap, now SEALs are the only ones that have Snow Images.
-Fixed Apoc's Burst, for some reason when you attach a particle system to a weapon it limits the Burst to 1, and I was not aware of this.
-Inculded a readme in the files on how to get Ra2 Music Working in YR.
-Marine Commandos get a nerf in firepower vs structures.
-Put Disk's armor back to Light.
-Slightly increased the damage of the Humvee, so now you can do Hit and runs with them even better.
-Rhino Tank gets a new image and is renamed to T-90 Heavy Tank
-Completely balanced all the basic tanks(T-90, Abrams, Lasher)
-Fixed all the Country Loading screens
-Increased the firepower of Sky Hunters vs Steel Structures(Base Defences) and also got new images of the Barrels it fired.
-Psychatrons now fire Psychic Waves, they only have a changed projectile, nothing else in the weapons.
-Increased Grenadier's firepower vs defensive structures.
-Gravitron gets a better Rate of Fire now.
-Fixed up some firing origins of many units and the HVA positioning.
-Doubled the Firepower of Suicide IFVs, this is because they were expensive and they were suicide, so might as well do alot of damage, not to mention they were hard to get.
-Increased the Damage of Tesla IFVs, they were too also very expensive and hard to get.
-Apaches and Hinds have armor of 400 so they survive air units better now.
-Even more decreased Gatt's Damage vs Rocketeers.
-Removed all the Repair Boats, I just thought they were a waste of space, and was not nice having all sides have the same thing, I prefer to find a better solution for Squids.
-Restored Squids to be the same as in normal YR but, they are now slower, and have less sight. Dolphins can still not remove them.
-Fixed the Machine Gunner.
-Mutations are now killed by Genetic Mutator rather than being mutated over and over again.
-Re did the loading screen.
-The Sudden Strike Bay of Pigs now overwrites the existing one, the SS Bay of Pigs has a little change on it, the positions 3 and 6 get their middle derrick removed out of those three and in that spot there are gems.
Sudden Strike now includes fixed Dry Heat where your miners will not stop mining in position 4
Sudden Strike also features and overwrites Heartland which does not cause an internal error when those Tech Outposts are captured.

-Improved Graphics for Mechanic, Torpedo Launcher, Chrono Reactor, Apoc Turret, Marine Commando, Medic, Acid Buggy Images.
-Added Support for Assault Gamemode from C-GEN.

Posted by Sydr0

BETA 02 Changes Released on August 2003

-Fixed the Dreadnought, slightly increased the firepower of it's small missiles.
-Increased Wasps' armor up to be the same of the Apache/Hind(300) to previously being 200 which was a little too weak.
-Fixed the Psychic Tower and removed that secondary recharge animation.
-Psychatron is buildable
-Doubled up the armor of the Osprey, so now Naval AA units wont render it useless completely. Also fixed the Bug with Destroyer where the osprey would not land.
-Increased the firepower of the Chrono Sonic Tank and made them immune to themselves, so now you can safely build many Chrono Sonic Tanks and attack with them without having to worry them destroying each other.
-Fixed the Firing positions of Dreadnoughts/Mirages
-Fixed the Apache
-Increased the armor of the Terrorists and now they auto pickup their own targets.
-Updated Voxels for Humvee, Apocalypse Turret, Yak-141 Freestyle, Sky Hunter(all by Big Jah)+Boris's B-2
-Dragon Artillery no longer has a spining turret and has a new voxel
-When Apocs and Toxin Tanks now fire they will spawn a green gas which wont last very long. When elite they will use a different animation.
-Restored the old Flying Disk cameo.
-Replaced Seismic Tank with Nuke Artillery, check the Stolen Tech Page for info.


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