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Yuri Country Specials

Psychic Corps
The Yuri Psychic Corps specalizes in Mind Control and special Psychic abilities.

-The Psychatron is Psychic Corps' experimental tank designed to replace Lashers due to their weakness vs early Abrams and Rhinos. The Psychatron is a rather heavy armored tank like the Rhino, about the same speed and range but turretless. This Tank fires powerful Psychic Jabs that can quickly penetrate through Tanks, Infantry and Structures. You can build these powerful tanks for a cost of $1000 a piece. Great protection until Battlelab comes by. Each requires Radar and War Factory to be built.

-The Psychic Corps of Yuri wanted some sort of powerful tank that dealt more with Magnetic Powers. Early attempts to control the powers of the Magnetron to flip vehicles over failed but the Psychic Coprs put their special powers into play and created the Gravitron. The Gravitron is a rather large tank that flips vehicles over in a medium range. You can build these powerful tanks by acquiring War Factory and Battlelab and affording $2000 credits for each one of them.

Bio Corps
The Yuri Bio Corps specalizes in Chemical/Biological Warfare.

-Bio Corps wanted some sort of fast, lightly armored long range quick hit and run unit being able to carry Toxinated weapons. Their experimental Acid Buggy is armed with Acid Missiles. These Missiles are fired at long ranged able to penetrate through tanks and Infantry very quickly. However they require alot of Micro meaning you must do constant hit and runs with them and use the advantage of their long 10 cell range. However they are toast vs more of fast moving tanks and artillery. So it would not be a good choice to mass build them late game because enemy is guaranteed to get artillery, it would also be wise to keep em behind armor. Each costs $1000 and requires War Factory and Radar to be built.

-The Bio Corps in need of a long range strike chopper. Their Wasp Helicopter is armed with Toxin Missiles that when fired leave a green trail behind and on target release powerful Toxins. The Wasp's Toxin Missiles are great vs Infantry light tanks however the Toxin Missiles the Wasp fires on the Air units are alot stronger intended to counter Apaches and Hokums and they do not release Toxins. However the main strength of the Wasp is it's ability to load 2 Infantry Units that can fire from inside of it.

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