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Yuri Infantry

-In order to balance Yuri's economy I was forced to nerf the Slaves a bit. I had to make them shovel ore 15% slower to at least try and balance the economies. The Slaves are still better than Chrono/War Miners but not much better.

-Initiates in structures were just way overpowered. When in structures they were pretty much invincible and could destroy anything in a flash. I was forced to nerf their firepower down, they are still the best but not that great anymore.

-I have made all of Yuri's Psychic Units(except Psychic Radar) unable to detect Spies, however I have made Brutes able to detect spies. I did this because I wanted Yuri to have a early game soy detection unit like Soviets and Allies have dogs.

-The Yuri Engineer can now swim over water and capture any Shipyards on water or Tech Oil Pumps, they also get's a few new unused voices that Westwood left out.

-Yuri always lacked of Anti Air Infantry. To support his troops he needed a powerful soldier that would take anything down. The Machine Gunner is armed with a high powered Machine Gun that can rip easily through anything just as like the GI, yet they can target structures. You can train each of these soldiers by constructing a Yuri Barracks for a cost of $400.

-Arm the Clones!!! The Yuri Clones have neem renamed to Psi Corps Troopers since the whole Yuri Clone thing seemed kind of dumb. These Psi Corps Troopers are no longer Yuri's Special units. They have been retrained to be even better. Their Psy Blast's range has also been changed. They are now bigger and more powerful and no longer hurt Allies, however they have been striped of their ability to detect Spies. The Yuri Clones now use Psy Blasts in Open Toped units instead of Mind Control for balance reasons
Enhancements: The Psi Corps Troopers get new Psy Blast animation.

-Yuri's Lady Virus went through a few changes. She seemed a rip off when compared to a sniper, her firepower, range and cost were inferior to the Sniper. Her gun has been redesigned to deliver more power darts at a faster rate and longer range while the residue has also been made more acidic to even hurt armor now.

-The Yuri Prime in game proved to be the best and most effective hero. However he had a few unbalances too. He too gets a large armor boost like other heros and he now uses a more powerful and way bigger Psy Blast than the Psi Corps Trooper, this Psy Blast is about the size of the desolator's radiation spread, he also uses this in open toped vehicles. An elite Yuri Prime can now mind control two units instead of one and he can no longer detect spies. He can now safely detect and destroy submerged units. He now has a Size of 2 which is the same as Brute. It wouldnt make sense that he could be smaller when in visual size Yuri Prime was bigger but in INI size he was smaller. Yes now that means he can no longer enter IFVs. Yuri Prime has no been renamed to Yuri X.
Enhancements: Yuri X gets a new Psy Blast image.

-Yuri too now can train Spies like Soviets and Allies. They all have the same capabilities.

-Master Yuri's expansion of his Chemical/Biological Armada got even bigger, his new Toxin Troopers are highly armed soldiers that are armed with a large gun that shoots out powerful Toxins, these Toxins are a mix of bunch of Chemicals and Biological agents that can rip through armor, structures and bring a devastating death to Infantry, not to mention after effects and splash damage these soldiers are very powerful and dangerous. You can build them for $1200 after you have built BattleLab and Barracks. It is also wise to build Cloning Vats for more of these powerful soldiers. However due to balance reasons Toxin Troopers use a weaker weapon in open toped units.

-When a Genetic Mutator mutates Infantry it mutates them into the new Black Brutes. These new Mutations are alot deadlier and stronger than normal Brutes and they can be mutated only once, if Genetic Mutator is used on these Brutes they will be automatically killed, this was done to prevent the Genetic Mutator Stalemate between two Yuri Players. Grinding these guys will give you very little money so your only use of them is to attack.

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