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Yuri Navy

-The Yuri Amphibious Transport is renamed to Turbo Transport, in reality it was powered by Turbofans in the back. Yuri wanted to make his Amphibious Transports faster, but in order to do that he made it weigh less, resulting in faster speed and lower armor.

-Yuri's successful campaign in the Atlantic and the Pacific proved victorious due to his Sea Sleds. These new ships are the backbone of Yuri's navy, they are cheap, fast and medium armored. These Sea Sleds are smaller sized ships that are mounted with a gun on top that will annihilate anything, this gun is also great vs structures and has long range like the Destroyer Type. You can build these Sea Sleds right after you have built the Naval Pen for the cost of $800.

-To protect Sea Sleds, Transports and Repair Boats Yuri needed a Anti air vessel. The new Gattling Frigate is a smaller ship than the Aegis Cruiser but about the same size as the Sea Scorpion. It uses Gattling Machine guns to penetrate through anything, it's firepower and everything is the same as of a Sea Scorpion but it has fire on the move which makes it more expensive. You can build these for $700 a piece and it requires Psychic Radar and Naval Pen to be built.

-The Boomers were great Naval units back in YR, they still are, however they were unbalanced because of their missiles and stealthyness but they torpedos were weak. Their torpedos now are a little stronger and faster. However the Boomers are now late game units, meaning they require Battlelab to be built. Their Missiles are now twice as weaker and have the same range as Dreadnoughts and Aircraft Carriers. Boomers are still IMO the best Capital Ships in the game.

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