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Yuri Structures

-The Bio Reactors are still the best power sources early game but they were just too unbalanced, they now cost $800 and Infantry in them will give 25% less power than originally. However due to some new changes when this Power Plant is built it has a larger sight so you can see where to place your Refineries better.

-Now the Slave Miner(deployed) can be captured by Engineers like the Soviet and Allied Ore Refineries can.

-The Psychic Radars have been redesigned in the same manner as the Soviet Airforce Radars have been. They now have four attached pads to them that can land four planes, how ever this caused a few Problems, these new pad designs interefered with Psychic Radar's capability to sensor incoming units in range, now the Psychic Radars cannot sensor incoming units in range. They now cost $1500.

-Submarine Pens are now called Naval Pens since you can now build Surfaced Ships instead of only submarines(boomers). These Naval Pens now repair twice as faster and can be stretched off like other shipyards.

-With all these new units and specials that overloaded the Battlelabs it caused them to be built slower and at a higher price tag of $2500.

-Cloning Vats have now been moved to the structures tab to match the Ore Purifier and Industrial Plant.

-Yuri Citadel Walls were just another one of those useless things in the game, no one ever built walls but now they cost only $50 and they can be built right after Construction Yard has been deployed meaning they no longer require Barracks. 

-The Gattling Cannons were just too unbalanced compared to the Patriot Missile and Flak Cannon. Not only Yuri didnt have a Pillbox type defence but Gattling Cannon was a counterpart to the Patriot Missile and Flak Cannon and then it also gad Anti Ground capabilites, Patriot Missile and Flak Cannon didnt have this, this is a similar situation as the Dreadnought and Boomer thing where they costed the same, had same firepower but the Boomer had torpedos and the Dreadnought didnt, and not only that but the Boomer was stealthed which meant it could pop up anywhere. The Gattling Cannon's air firepower has been adjusted so it kills Infantry 20% slower(Rocketeers). Though it's ground range has been increased by one so it gets earlier shots because it is very bad vs armor. What is even better is that Gattling Cannons can also be promoted meaning they gain more range and firepower when they do. Gattling Cannons do not get any cost decreases like Patriot and Flak Cannon because Gattling Cannons have a secondary ground attack capability which Patriots and Flak Cannons do not.

-The Tank Bunker was way too superior to the Battle Bunker, Tank Bunker's cost has been increased now to $500 to be equal of a Battle Bunker and it's armor has been decreased to be equal of a Battle Bunker, now the Tank Bunker no longer gives units inside it extra range or ROF or firepower.

-Psychic Towers seemed a little unfair compared to Prism Towers and Tesla Coils, their range is one cell lower than Prism Tower's and Tesla Coil's is and their ROF has been increased because they seemed to good. They can no longer detect Spies and get a cost 25% cheaper meaning they now cost $1200 but their armor has been increased to 900(455) being previously to be equal to the armor of Prism Towers and Tesla Coils.

-Yuri developed a Torpedo Launcher to counter Naval Prism Towers and Aquatic Tesla Defenses. The Torpedo Launchers are mounted with turrets that launcher underwater Torpedoes. You can build these for $1200 after you have built the Psychic Radar and Naval Pen. This naval defence does not take as much power as the other ones because due to balance reasons because if placed by land it would be defenseless vs land targets due to Torpedo's inability to go on land so Torpedo Launchers take less power than the other two.

-Yuri has redesigned his Psychic Sensor from Red Alert 2 and he made it twice as better and twice as stronger. The Psychic Beacon can sensor incoming units just like the Psychic Radar used to and the Psychic Sensor can also sensor out incoming submerged naval units too. A great structure to build to see what's coming to your base. You can build these for a cost of $1500 per each.

-Genetic Mutator to be better and so it can be compared to the ChronoSphere and Iron Curtain the Genetic Mutator now mutates better and stronger Brutes called Mutation Brutes. They are black and deadly. They can rip through anything very quickly. Genetic Mutator could be arguably either better or worse than ChronoSphere and Iron Curtain now. GM is no longer revealed when built and has a recharge time of seven minutes. You can view the information on Mutation Brute HERE.

-The Psychic Dominator now strikes slower, I have made it strike the slowest as possible because there is a limit and if you go over it the game crashes. It is still hard to stop Psychic Dominators but it's much easier and if you work in time you can get the force shield up in time. The Psychic Dominator is no longer revealed when built.

There have been no changes made to: Yuri War Factory and Yuri Battlelab.

Click HERE to be briefed about Yuri Country Specials


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