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Yuri Vehicles

-Slave Miners(undeployed) gone through a little changes, to be fair now the Soviet Terror Drones can enter undeployed Slave Miners, it would not be wise to undeploy your Slave Miners infront of Iron Curtained Terror Drones, this was done because Chrono and War Miners could be droned too. The Elite weapon of the Slave Miner has been improved, doing a lot more damage and having a similar warhead as the Basic Tanks but with it being very good vs drones.

-The Lasher Light Tank is Yuri's primary tank. Since Yuri had more advanced tanks in later game and good anti tank Infantry like the Brute there was no need to change the Lasher much. However he wanted to make the Lasher faster, he did this by making the whole tank smaller, to save space. However not having to affect the cost the Lasher is weaker than Rhino or Grizzly in terms of firepower but it is a lot faster.
Enhancements: got rid of the old blue Ra2 Light Tank turret glitch that mixed in with Lasher's turret.

-Yuri being forced to build Lashers Battle Tanks only early game because Magnetron was a late game unit left Yuri vulnerable to Soviet and Allied rushes. The Lasher's buildtime is now determined by the cost just like Rhinos and Abrams' is and it gets a slight power boost not much but little for balance purposes. Lashers' weapon uses the same warhead as Rhinos' and Abrams' weapons do.

-Gattlings Tanks seemed too unbalanced compared to other AA units early on, they were the best Infantry killers early game. Both of their ground and air weapons warhead's get a 20% decrease in their effectivenesss vs Infantry, however that is not the only change made to it's warheads, they now kill Terror Drones twice as slower. Though it is balanced enough that they can still kill Terror Drones faster than anything early game can. Gattling Tank also gets a slight armor decrease down to 200 from 210, this was originally done so Black Eagles would kill them in 1 shot like they did IFVs and Flak Tracks but thing's changed, although I am still keeping this change. I was also going to take away Gattling Tank's fire on the move but since he's the only Yuri's AA tank I decided to keep it.

-The Chaos Drone is Yuri's early game backbone of Bio/Chem Warfare. It now will work about 80% of time because of it's speed boost and you can build more at lower cost($800) but their gas lasting time has been cut down due to balance reasons. The Chaos Drone being a mere robot has now better built in cameras for better sight.
Enhancements: Damaged Chaos Drones now emit Chaos Gas Smoke.

-The Magnetron was the most unbalanced unit in YR, it's juggling was the most unbalanced factor in game. Infact this was a bug and it has been fixed, however due to a few bugs Magnetrons no longer lift tanks but actually just damage them with their weapon. They can still not damage Infantry with this. However these are not the only changes. The Magnetron now is a late game unit that costs $1200 like all other Artillery pieces(Prism Tank, Siege Chopper) and it's firepower vs structures has been increased. However Magnetrons also get a better range increase, they will not outrange Prisms a bit.

-Mastermind's performance was too good on the battlefield. The Sudden Strike masterminds can now only mind control 3 units at a time, there is no overload or unlimited mind control only a limit of 3 units to mind control. However they were a little too powerfull, although now they will not auto-pick up targets by themselves, they will only do it when they are attacked.

-Yuri is really dirty and uses Chemical Warfare to corrupt the battlefield. The new Toxin Tank is Yuri's late game tank which has become the backbone of Yuri's Army. These things have same range as Mirages and Laser Tanks and their warhead has been adjusted to be the same but however Toxin Tanks have less firepower and same ROF as the other two but their main advantage is their high splash damage. They are extremely deadly to Infantry. When Elite it gets a sonar capability allowing it to fire at submerged units within it's range from the shore.

-Yuri MCV gets a cost decrease down to $2000 to prevent those cheap MCV-sell rushes.

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