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Soviet Infantry

-Conscripts are good fodder units. They are cheap to build and are fast and do not have to deploy to attack. You can build many of these without cloging up your economy. Conscripts get a mini range boost to match the range of a GI.

-Seeing as how Westwood screwed up on this soldier it made me do many changes on him. It disappoints me to see that you require Radar to build such a basic soldier. The Flak Trooper now no longer requires Radar to be trained but just Barracks. His weapons have been improved to deliver more damage at longer ranges and his elite weapon has no been fixed.

-Soviet Attack dogs seemed fine and balanced, they are now promotable like the Allied Attack Dogs are and when they gain elite status they gain better speed, sight and armor.

-The Soviet Engineer can now swim over water and capture any Shipyards on water or Tech Oil Pumps, they also get's a few new unused voices that Westwood left out.

-The Tesla Trooper required many changes, it was just easy prey for dogs and it could not catch up to tanks fast enough. This soldier gets a large armor boost to be almost equal of a brute, I mean who can break through his suit, he also gets a small range increase.

-Crazy Ivans should be matched to Navy SEALs but seeing their performance on the battlefield they don't stand a chance. Their bombs can blow up anything in one shot except SuperWeapons and Construction Yards. Their bombs are also player-detonatable and Crazy Ivan has a longer range of placing bombs. Crazy Ivans are now promotable.

-Soviets forced Boris to go through numerous training exercises due to his poor performance on the battlefield. Boris' training actually payed off and with the help of his comrades he is possibly the best hero out of the 3. He is healthier and stronger than ever, his armor has been boosted up alot, his Ak-47 has been upgraded to do have a better firepower and longer range. Boris' comrades also gave him new better planes to call up for Airstrikes, instead of the old fashioned MiGs he now calls long range fast strategis Tu-160 Blackjack bombers. However Boris can now jump into Rafts and his raft is armed with a mini Sonar to detect and destroy submerged units. Allied Captured Boris now calls Allied B-2 Spirit Bombers
Enhancement: Boris calls in different looking planes.

-The Soviets needed a late game capable Infantry to compete vs the Toxin Troopers and Chrono Legionnaires. In their barracks they trained Grenadiers, these powerful soldiers shoot grenaders from their guns that can annihilate anything very quickly and has high splash damage. You can train this soldier for a cost of $1200 and you need Soviet Barracks and Battlelab to do it. However due to balance reasons Grenadiers use a weaker weapon in open toped units.

-The Soviets too now can train Spies like Yuri and Allies. They all have the same capabilities.

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